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Blockchain & Tourism

Actualizado: 6 mar 2019

Are you in the Tourism industry? If yes, you must think in Blockchain built applications

Offer Tourist Coupons And Incentives

Whether you like it or not, companies provide traditional paper, plastic tokens, coupons, discount and other sorts of inefficient reward and loyalty rewards to their customers. Companies can make use of Blockchain technologies to create their own Blockchain loyalty tokens and coins for their customers.

Fill Up Empty Hotel Rooms

If you are a sales representative in the hotel industry, you will appreciate this solution. Imagine your hotel guest does a last minute cancellation for his long stay. And to make the situation worse, he refuses to pay. Moreover, it’s very challenging to find a substitute customer for the vacant room within a short time.

Blockchain-built online traveling portals allow stock of empty hotel rooms to be efficiently tracked and traded.

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