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Blockchain & Transport

Actualizado: 6 mar 2019

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Rent Out Parking Space

Imagine you need a parking space in a crowded area. Wouldn’t it be good if you can locate, secure and pay a parking spot beforehand?

Using blockchain, parking owners can rent out their long-term parking space that is unused, especially if they are away on holidays. This helps other drivers who only need temporary parking.

Rent A Car

When you rent a car, you need to show your driving license and fill up some documents. You pay the money and got the car key. That’s seamless to you, isn’t it? But, in reality, the whole car rental process is pretty complicated. It just that car companies make leasing look so easy. The main challenge faced by car leasing companies is that information is not updated.

Just imagine using blockchain. Every participant in the car rental supply chain can monitor, share, analyze and update the latest information. Best of all, you get the latest info regardless where the car is in the lifecycle.

With blockchain, the whole car rental supply enjoys a lower processing time, consistent information and reduced overhead cost.

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